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Protecting Marble
(and other Non-Glass Surfaces)

With Anti-Graffiti Film

Marble, granite, and stainless steel are popular building materials for use in hospitality, education, office spaces, retail, healthcare, and government structures due to their beauty and durability. Unfortunately, they are also prone to damage from graffiti and surface scratches, which can be difficult and costly to remove.


Graffiti & damage on these surfaces can permanently affect the appearance of the material and diminish property value. By installing anti-graffiti film on marble, granite, and stainless steel surfaces, you can protect against these and other types of vandalism. 

What is Anti Graffiti film? It is a clear, protective film that is applied to surfaces to prevent graffiti and other types of vandalism. It is made of a tough, scratch-resistant material that is resistant to most types of graffiti, such as spray paint and permanent markers. While it is commonly used on glass surfaces, such as windows, doors, and partitions, it can also be used on a variety of non-glass surfaces, including marble, granite, and stainless steel.

When graffiti is installed on a surface, it creates an inexpensive and clear protective barrier that takes the abuse in place of the substrate. it can be easily removed by simply peeling off the film, leaving no adhesive This can save time and money on graffiti removal compared to traditional methods, such as power washing or sanding.

In addition to protecting against graffiti, anti-graffiti window film can also provide a number of other benefits when used on marble, granite, and stainless steel surfaces. It can help to block harmful UV rays, which can cause fading and damage to the materials over time. It can also reduce glare, which can make it easier to see through windows and improve visibility.

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