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What is 
3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra S800 ?

3M™ Ultra S800 is a micro-layered, tear-resistant safety & security film installed on glass windows and openings, for the enhanced protection of people, property, and possessions. When combined with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems it is effective at deterring armed break and entry attempts.   

The film is designed to hold the glass window pane together to mitigate glass shard hazards. In other words, it helps protect people from flying glass shards, one  of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities

3M™ Ultra S800 has a film thickness of 8 Mil (0.20mm) and uses a co-extruded micro-layered construction. In independent lab evaluations the film displayed a tensile strength of 31,500 psi, and a break strength of 253 lbs/in, ranking it at the top of insutry standards. The film is optically clear, which makes it virtually invisible to those that don't know its installed.  

Like all other 3M™ Films, 3M™ Ultra S800 boasts 99% UV Rejection, which also serves to help extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading.

Cost-effectiveness: When compared to other measures like hiring security or replacing glass panels with bullet-proof glass, adding 3M™ Ultra S800 to a school, hospital, hotel, or government building can help to efficiently upgrade it's passive security measures.

In general, installing 3M™ Ultra S800 film can help to protect the people inside by providing invaluable time in delaying and deterring the bad guys from entering through glass openings.

Clear Protection with 
3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra S800

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