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Anti-Graffiti Film

Graffiti can be readily removed from surfaces covered in anti-graffiti film by simply peeleng off the film, protecting the underlying surface from damage.

With Anti-Graffiti Film, you can shield your surfaces from the majority of scratches, acid etching gouges, and tagging.

4 Key Benefits:

  1. Durable, scratch-resistant material that can withstand the majority of graffiti techniques, including spray paint and markers.

  2. Easy to remove, leaving no glue or residue.

  3. A fraction of the cost of new glass, much less disruptive to replace.

  4. It can also be applied to materials like marble, granite, and stainless steel that are expensive or difficult to repair.

Anti-graffiti film is often used on surfaces that are prone to graffiti and vandalism, such as public buildings, schools, and transportation vehicles. 

Articles on Anti-Graffiti Film

Installing 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film on a Government Building

The addition of 3M™ anti-graffiti film to a government structure has various advantages:​ Protection from vandalism: Anti-graffiti film can help shield public buildings from graffiti...

Protecting Marble Surfaces with Anti-Graffiti Film 

Marble, granite, and stainless steel are popular materials for use in buildings, sculptures, and other applications due to their beauty and durability. However..

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