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Strengthen Windows 

With a tensile strength of 32,0000 PSI and GSA bomb blast mitigation level 2, our Safety & Security Films have a wide range of applications. 

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3M Film vs Armed Gunman - Watch Below

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Product Features & Benefits

• Micro-layered film designed for tear resistance
• Can be optically clear
• Applies to interior glass surfaces
• Helps protect from broken glass hazards
• Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays


• Bomb Blast Mitigation

• Natural Disaster Protection
• Safety Glazing
• Helping to Deter Break & Entry
• Building Envelope Protection
• Spontaneous Glass Breakage
• Seismic Preparedness

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Key Points

• Windows are one of the weakest points on your home


• Provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your home


• Provide added protection to property from smash and grab burglaries


• Helps protect your family from broken glass hazards


• Attachment systems anchor the film to the glass frame, supplying additional protection if the glass is broken


Fortify windows against natural disasters.


When windows break due to natural disasters, the cost to replace them could pale in comparison to other costs such as water and debris damage.

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