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Exterior Prestige?
What is 
3M™ Prestige Exterior Window Film ?

The 3M™ Prestige Exterior Series takes the revolutionary technology of the non-metallic & industry-leading heat rejection window film that is Prestige Films and offers it as an exterior option. Since the film is installed from the exterior face of the glass, it is minimally disruptive to the operations of a commercial building, about the equivalent of glass cleaning. This allows for a faster and easier installation since a larger work crew can tackle the work without having to work inside the rooms, offices, or tenant spaces. 

An exterior installation allows the film to be in the ideal heat rejection position, on the outside face of the glass where it can reject solar rays before they ever penetrate the glass. Because of this, the film is more effective in its solar energy rejection performance. Also, the glass remains cooler. This is due to the fact that in a typical interior window film installation, the solar rays need to penetrate the glass, reach the film, and then penetrate the glass once more as they are either rejected or absorbed. In this process, the glass usually increases in temperature, which is normal, as this is thermal energy that would otherwise infiltrate the space. The 


Exterior Prestige is ideal for long-term exterior applications due to its distinctive, scratch-resistant surface and specific adhesive technology.

PR 20 Exterior Example:

PR20x Example 2 .JPG
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