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Add Privacy & Style with Decorative Films

Transform your space, we have the tools. With a full line of decorative, privacy, and resurfacing films for your commercial space we are ready to tackle your project.

Film Gradients to Personalize Your Space

Triangle Gradient
Namibia Gradient
Feather Gradient
Whitelsoline Gradient
Saphire Dot Gradient
Gradient Stripes
Broken Lines Gradient
Dual Fine Dot Gradient
Dual Feather Gradient
Honeycomb Gradient
Fine Dot Gradient
3M DiNoc Artisional

DI-NOC™ is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, and can be used to update the look of a space without the need for costly renovations.

Compared to real wood, metal, or stone, 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes need less downtime, resources, and manpower to install. As a result, updating is simple and reasonably priced when you're ready for a change. Your space won't need to be out of action for very long in order to receive a significant facelift thanks to the rapid installation period.

DI-NOC™ applications can include: 

  • Cabinetry 

  • Pillars & Columns

  • Walls & Vertical Panels (Elevators)

  • Doors & Partitions

  • Ceilings

We offer Decorative Film Options
from Top Manufacturers

We offer Decorative Film Options
from Top Manufacturers

Commercial Whiteout Film Install

White Matte Privacy 

3M™ White Matte Translucent Film provides subtle privacy and enhances the aesthetics of the work environment.


3M™ Blackout Film helps provide excellent privacy, stopping all visibility.

One Way Mirror 

3M™ Mirror Film helps provide very high reflection giving you a mirror-like appearance.

Cost Effective Solutions

We offer hundreds of design choices from 3M and other top manufacturers in the film industry. These films are typically a fraction of the cost of full glass replacement.

White Frost Film School

Privacy for unsightly Areas

Sometimes there is nothing you can do with an unsightly storage area or back office, other than block the view. 3M Blackout Film helps to solve this problem by blocking the light and obscuring views while 3M Matte Film helps to obscure the view while still allowing light into the space. Either way, these films can help provide an aesthetic lift to the existing glass and space.

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Add Style, Design to Your Workspace

Workspaces and glass walls are at times in need of an upgrade to make the workspace more aesthetically pleasing. Whether this is done with the subtlety of 3M™ Matte Translucent Film or a more bold approach with the 3M™ Blackout Film, you will be pleased with the quality results. We carry a variety of brand names and hundreds of styles for you to choose from.

Add Privacy Film at the Office

Many workspaces in large retail stores, offices, banks and hospitals are in need of areas that provide privacy to protect employees or clients. We offer privacy films and decorative films from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Whether you are trying to help obscure the view, create a one-way mirror effect or achieve a frosted look with the right balance of lighting, Sea Cool Window Films can help.

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