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Horizontal Blinds

For any home, multifamily property or workplace, horizontal blinds are a functional and fashionable window covering option. They are so popular because they provide a number of advantages, such as excellent light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. You can select the ideal horizontal blinds for your décor from a variety of materials, including faux wood, metal, and even fabric. With choices including cordless operation, motorized controls, and a selection of colors and finishes, they can be tailored to complete the look of your space. 

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Horizontal Blinds: The High-Efficiency & Functional Window Treatment

Horizontal blinds can adjust at specific heights and then control varying levels of light and privacy at those points, by adjusting the slats that make up the blinds. The slats can be tilted at various angles for the ideal combination of illumination and visibility.

Most horizontal blinds are operated using cords or wands that control the tilting of the slats. Pulling on the cords will tilt the slats open, allowing more light to enter the room. Pushing the cords will tilt the slats closed, reducing the amount of light. Pulling on the cords will also raise or lower the blinds as needed.

Cordless options are also available and becoming more popular, which operate using a spring-loaded mechanism. To adjust the slats, simply push or pull the bottom rail of the blinds. To raise or lower the blinds, gently lift or lower the bottom rail. New regulations are being introduced which will likely push this option to the forefront. 

Motorized horizontal blinds can be controlled using a remote or a smart device, such as a voice-command smart home device or a phone. This allows you to control the blinds from a distance, or to program them to operate automatically based on a schedule or in response to changes in light levels.


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