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What is 
3M™ Prestige Window Film ?

3M™ Prestige Series Window Film is the flagship solar film produced by the 3M™ Window Film division. It is designed to provide a very high level of solar control, energy savings, and UV protection while providing excellent levels of visible light transmission. The film's spectrally selective properties reject 97% of Infrared Rays, and 99% of UV rays. This industry-leading heat rejection technology is used worldwide in museums, hospitals, schools, and office buildings to lower temperatures, block glare, & protect people and furniture.

In our experience, it is pound for pound the highest-performing heat rejection window film in the residential or commercial window film sector when compared directly to other films of the same VLT (Visible Light Transmission) and it does this with no metals in its construction. Most of the competitors 3M™ Prestige is compared to are metallic films that have lower performance with all of the downsides of metalized window films. In modern offices, you need a window film that won't block the 5G signal of everyone working in the building.

3M™ Prestige Series employs a precision light wave control system where visible light rays are able to pass while Infrared and UV rays are rejected through its layers. These layers work in such a way that heat rejection increases as the sun's angle increases at hotter times of the day. 

What is it made of? That's the secret of its performance. 3M™ Prestige is a spectrally selective multi-layered optical film. In other words, it is comprised of over 200 extremely thin optical layers, which affect specific light rays like Infrared and Ultraviolet without disturbing visible light. This technology means that Prestige offers excellent performance values despite its high visible light transmission. 

Is it Ceramic? No, the technology is different from Ceramic films. What it shares with ceramic films is the lack of any metals in the film, which means it won't mess up your cellphone signal and it won't be affected by corrosion in coastal environments. 

The Result: 

• High visible light transmission providing excellent aesthetics.

• Employs a patented design that significantly reflects the sun’s energy in the Infrared (IR) range.

• Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhance views while maintaining the exterior appearance of a building.

• Non-metalized film with no signal interference and no possibility of corrosion.

• Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading

• The Prestige 70 can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months from install*

• Comprehensive warranty from 3M

*See environmental product declaration at

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