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Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

We offer a wide array of window treatement options to help shape the light and look of your space. Lets talk.

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Understanding View-Through

The color and the openness of roller shade fabric plays an important role in determining views to the outside. Dark colors absorb light, allowing for greater view-through, while lighter fabrics reflect light, resulting in decreased views.

A higher openness factor means a looser weave, resulting in more transparent views. The opposite is true for a lower openness factor whereby the tighter weave means reduced views to the outside. The images below help to illustrate how both color and openness affect views to the outside.

Benefits of Roller Shades

Commercial Window Treatment Guide
Benefits of Roller Shades

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Controlling Solar Heat 
Different selections of fabrics for roller shades can affect the solar heat gain of the spaces where they are installed. This is a critical factor to take into account when considering occupant comfort.

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Glare Control 
Roller shades allow occupants to control manually or through automation the direction and amount of sunlight entering their space, with light-filtering fabrics that eliminate glare and reflections. Hundreds of fabric choices enable precise levels of daylight control and privacy, 

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Daylight Management
Increased daylight can increase occupant productivity, decrease occupant stress, and reduce the amount of energy used for traditional lighting. Roller shades help to manage and optimize this natural daylight while maintaining views to the outside.

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Energy Efficiency
Reducing the energy demand and increasing the efficiency of a building helps to determine its carbon footprint and utility cost. Automated roller shades help to reduce the HVAC load by dynamically adjusting based on the sun's angles throughout the day.

Motorization vs Automation

Motorization vs Automation

Would you like the shades in your office to open when you press a button on a wall, or every morning at 8 am? The motorization and/or automation of shading solutions is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic segments of the industry.

What is the difference?

Motorization means simply "to equip with a motor." For example, flip a switch up, and the
shade motor rolls up, flip a switch down, and the shade motor rolls d
own. Typically, a more straightforward means of operation which requires the occupant to actively participate in telling the shade what to do.


Automation or automatic control is more complex and almost always involves various control systems for operating a shading system. These systems can operate independently, requiring minimal or reduced occupant intervention, within the guidelines we program or input. Often referred to as intelligent control, the primary goal of automating shading systems is to improve energy efficiency. Additional benefits include improved accessibility, ease of operation, and overall convenience. 


Products Offered

Manual Roller Shades

Choose your fabric and completely change your space

The essential manual shade. Highly customizable and versatile to fit your space.


Zebra Roller Shades

Privacy or visibility as you need it 

By raising or lowering these shades you can manage the light coming through and your visibility.


Motorized Roller Shades

Simple motorization or full automation

Roller shades that can work off of a remote or be automated to operate intelligently.


Blackout Roller Shades

Complete lighting control

When you need to create complete privacy and maximize any light filtering, this is the solution. 

Blackout Roller.jpg
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