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Shade Motorization vs Automation,
What Is The Difference?

Would you like the shades in your office to open when you press a button on a wall, or every morning at 8 am? The motorization and/or automation of shading solutions is one of the fastest-growing and dynamic segments of the industry. Motorized roller shades offer the convenience of adjusting the shades without having to physically pull or push them. However, there is a difference between having motorized roller shades controlled by a remote and having fully automated motorized roller shades.


Motorization means simply "to equip with a motor." For example, press a button on the treatment wand, and the shade motor rolls the fabric up, flip a switch down, and the shade motor rolls down. Typically, a more straightforward means of operation which requires the occupant to actively participate in telling the shade what to do. Having motorized roller shades controlled by a remote gives you the ability to adjust the shades from anywhere in the room. This is useful for controlling the amount of light that enters the room, providing privacy, and creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. However, having to physically find the remote and manually adjust the shades can be a hassle, especially if the remote is lost or the batteries run out.


Automation or automatic control is more complex and almost always involves various control systems for operating a shading system. These systems can operate independently, requiring minimal or reduced occupant intervention, within the guidelines we program or input. Often referred to as intelligent control, the primary goal of automating shading systems is to improve energy efficiency. Additional benefits include improved accessibility, ease of operation, and overall convenience. 

Fully automated motorized roller shades take convenience to the next level. They are connected to a smart service, such as Amazon Alexa, and can be controlled using voice commands. This means you don't have to physically search for the remote or move from your seat to adjust the shades. Additionally, the shades can be integrated with a light switch or programmed to operate on an automatic schedule, making it even easier to control the light and privacy in the room.


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