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Regulations Changing Manual Blinds Forever,
Going Cordless

Window shade and blind cords pose a real hazard for small children and modern window treatment technology has rendered the need for a cord to be almost zero. The window covering industry, through the WCMA (Window Coverings Manufacturers Association), has developed a voluntary ANSI standard that is designed to protect young children & pets from that hazard. Sea Cool has supported the development and maintenance of that standard. We are dealers for various window treatment brands that operate on a cordless basis. We have asked that our customers notify us whenever ordering our commercial products for a space where children may be present, so that we can furnish the products designed to comply with the standard. 


Recently, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) passed a new mandatory rule that applies to all window treatments with exposed cords and chains. Window covering cords are formally recognized as a significant product hazard in this regulation. In May 2023, the rule is anticipated to go into effect. The regulation prohibits cords for window treatments that are longer than 8" or can form a loop big enough for a child's head to fit through. When this legislation goes into effect, we will no longer be able to provide clients the option to opt out, even for commercial locations where children are not permitted.

In light of that, here are some benefits of cordless window shade offerings: 

Safety: For homes with small children and pets, cordless blinds are a safer option. Cordless blinds completely do away with the problems that traditional blinds might present, such as choking hazards and entanglement risks.

Convenience: Cordless blinds are simple to use, making adjusting the lighting in your room a breeze. You may effortlessly raise or lower the blinds to meet your needs with just a gentle push or pull.

Aesthetics: Cordless blinds have a modern, sleek design that is both elegant and practical. They are a fantastic option for contemporary houses and workplaces, which frequently favor a minimalist look.

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