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The Process of 
Designing, Printing & Installing

Custom Decorative Window Film

The addition of 3M™ anti-graffiti film to a government structure has various advantages:


Protection from vandalism: Anti-graffiti film can help shield public buildings from graffiti and other forms of vandalism that could harm the structure's beauty and leave a bad impression on the neighborhood.

Graffiti removal is simple: Graffiti that has been applied to a surface covered in anti-graffiti film can be readily removed by simply peeling off the film, preserving the original surface. When compared to more conventional ways of removing graffiti, such power washing or repainting, this can save both time and money.

Durability: 3M anti-graffiti film is constructed of a durable, scratch-resistant substance that resists the majority of graffiti techniques, including spray paint and permanent markers. It can survive normal wear and tear and contribute to keeping the building's beauty over time.

Cost-effectiveness: When compared to other measures like hiring security or frequently repainting the facility, adding anti-graffiti film to a government building can help prevent graffiti and vandalism.

In general, putting 3M anti-graffiti film to a government facility can help to preserve the structure's aesthetic and value while also reducing the time and cost associated with removing graffiti.

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