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Our 8 Favorite Gradient
Decorative Window Film Designs

Solyx Isoline - Dual Frost Gradient

This is a favorite decorative film alternative to the traditional 40" or 48" frost band. It offers a bit more privacy and can compliment a modern office. 

3M Fasara Illumina Silky - Dual Frost Gradient

A soft edge gradient frost option offers a higher amount of privacy for offices and conference rooms. The film is of polyester construction which offers great resistance to wear & tear. 

3M Tsurugi - Gradient

This one way gradiation is an excellent option for vertical glass applications. The film evolves from an opaque whiteout to a complete see-through through vertical streaks. The film is of polyester construction which offers great resistance to wear & tear. 

Solyx Triangle Gradient 

Geometric gradient? Sure! This attractive traingle gradient pattern is available as a vertical gradient and a duel gradient option. This offers a gradient privacy as the triangles disperse from the bottom upwards

3M Fasara Venetian - Gradient 

This 3M Fasara gradient pattern is designed to simulate the visual process of horizontal venetian blinds opening up. This linear pattern helps to create privacy on the lower end of the window pane. 

Solyx Namibia Gradient

Need to break from the norm and go a little wild? This solyx gradient pattern may be exactly what you need. Silhouetted bushes surrounded by a misty tan background fading to white, then to clear.


3M Illumina Silver - Gradient 

This 3M Fasara gradient pattern is perfect when you want to avoid adding another white element to the windows. This silver pattern converts from a 0% density of clarity to a 96% density of clarity. 


Solyx Dual Motion Gradient

A simple dual fading gradient of blurred lines from white to clear from the center up and down. This solyx gradient pattern is excellent for a fast-paced environment.

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