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We Think These Are The 7 Best
Non-Wood 3M™ DI-NOC™ Patterns

3M™ DI-NOC™ is a group of 850+ designs of architectural finishes that simulate the look and even feel of several materials. Most times we see the focus on wood patterns, but here we want to explore what we consider to be the best non-wood patterns.

Marbled Finishes 

The high-end look of finished marble, quartz, granite, and porcelain at a fraction of the price, weight, and downtime.



The Metallic Pallet

This selection of DI-NOC™ can simulate aluminum, silver, gunmetal, and gold in a variety of polished, matte, unpolished, and even brushed metal finishes.

Mortar/Plaster Finishes 

Washed concrete is quickly becoming a design favorite in spaces that seek a modern minimalist wall pattern, Di-Noc can achieve this without the added dust and production of concrete.

The Oxidized Metal Pallet

These beautiful patterns can help create an elegant rustic feel in a space for a fraction of the cost. The surface sheen and texture have been manufactured to mimic oxidized metal effectively.

The Stucco Pallet

This is a favorite for wall finishes for tenants in rented commercial spaces. With the application of  DI-NOC™ you can immediately achieve this look. Once your term is over, no need to refinish the wall, just remove the DI-NOC™.

The Surface Fabrics

Surface fabrics are the perfect accent or compliment to a statement piece in your commercial or residential project.

The Stones

Porous stone is beautiful, but can easily absorb contaminants like spilled wine. Di-Noc can mimic these patterns at a fraction of the cost without these risks.

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