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The History Of Window Film

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The concept of window film for use in solar control flat glass application dates back to the early 1950's, but the first uses of functional window coverings dates back centuries.

Ancient Roots

Since ancient times, window coverings have served a number of functions, including protection, ornament, and seclusion. Romans utilized thin layers of animal hide to achieve a similar effect as did the ancient Egyptians, who made window coverings out of thin sheets of mica.

3M Leading The Charge

Window film started to be used more frequently in the 20th century due to its practical advantages. The 3M company created "Scotch-shield," one of the earliest contemporary window films, in the 1950s. It was first employed to shield the windows of military aircraft from the sun's glare, but it was quickly modified for use in residences and other structures. In 1966, 3M obtained the first sun control window film patent in history. Today, 3M Window Films are put in millions of buildings all around the world.

Window Film Technology Continues to Advance

Since then, window film technology has developed further. Window film comes in a wide variety of styles now, including ones that are intended to block UV rays, lessen heat and glare, and increase energy efficiency. Safety & Security window film is also an incredibly fast growing application, with its ability to passively protect buildings against unwanted break and entry. Additionally, decorative window films are increasing in popularity to personalize work spaces as companies want to increase the appeal of getting employees back in the office.

Overall, window film use has increased dramatically over the past few decades and has emerged as a crucial instrument for raising the energy effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of homes and structures all over the world.


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