Clear Heat Rejection for Your Vessel

Marine 3M window films block heat, UV rays and glare to help keep the vessel cooler and even help navigate at night. 


3M™ Window Films block up to 85% of the heat that comes in through your vessel’s windows and reject 99% of harmful UV rays to further protect guests and interiors from the harsh sun. This means a cooler space while lessening the load on your A/C system and generator(s). Unlike other films, 3M™ Window Films are Non-Metallic. This means zero corrosion, zero signal interference and easier install.

How much heat gets blocked? Check out this side by side comparison and other videos! 

Cooler Boat  

Reduce heat coming in through the windows for a cooler interior, this means less stress on your Air Conditioning units and a lighter load on the generator


 Our 3M Window Films will not corrode or interfere with signals like metallic films. 


We specialize in marine installations,  we understand what it means to work over a helm and around fixed furniture


 Navigate better during the day AND at night. Reduce glare while maximizing visible light transmission. This means a clear view for the captain at the helm.

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3M PR 70

UV Rejection: 99% 

Infrared Rejection: 97% 

Solar Energy Rejected: 59%

Metallic: No

Need to seal edges: No

Corrosion: No


Warranty: 6 Years

Clear Heat Rejection: Yes


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