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Safety & Security films keep windows in place where most other windows would shatter and allow entry in a shooter situation.

Increased Security 

Glass is the weakest entry point on most building exteriors, 3M’s Ultra S800 Window Film for example is a clear security film made of a highly specialized tear resistant micro-layered polyester. It includes a special, thicker adhesive that holds broken glass together, hindering anyone trying to break and enter through a window

Bonded to Window Frame 

3M Safety & Security Window Film is designed to hold the glass together, while 3M Impact Protection Profile bonds the contained glass to the frame of the window. This provides precious time in the determent of a forced entry. 

Film Can be Virtually Clear or Private 

3M Safety & Security Window Film can be installed as a clear option, so would-be intruders would not know that additional security measures are in place on the window. The film can also be installed with a privacy option, so that people outside can't look in, but students and faculty inside can see out just fine. 

Tried and Tested 

The film has been identified and utilized by hundreds of schools, and numerous states, as one of the most cost effective solutions to secure the building exterior. We are proud to say that 3M™ Security Films & Attachment Systems have already been incorporated into thousands of schools.

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