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Commercial Window Films & Solutions

How can our films help you and your customers? Click One to Find out More.

Commercial Decorative Films

Whether it's protecting your home from heat or protecting your home from an intruder,we can help.

Commercial Heat Rejection Films

Marine 3M window films block heat, UV rays and glare to help keep the vessel cooler and even help navigate at night. 

Commercial Safety & Security Films

3M Commercial window film solutions range from heat rejection, to privacy, to safety & security

School Security Films

We offer a variety of window shades and blinds to help you find the right privacy and light balance in your space

Shades & Blinds

We offer a variety of window shades and blinds to help you find the right privacy and light balance in your space

Some of Our Clients

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3M Prestige Window Films block 99% of ultraviolet rays, 97% of infrared rays, and up to 80% of the heat coming in through the windows.

3M has non-metallic film options. This means that they are not susceptible to corrosion and do not interfere with electronic device signals like other films. 

We can estimate how much our window films can save commercial buildings as well as how we can help our clients reach energy star certifications

Modern Architecture

Media Spotlight

We were recently featured on the cover of Window Film Magazine!

Our project provided an energy upgrade to an iconic downtown Miami Building. 

View our cover story in Window Film Magazine on page 12.

We offer Decorative Film Options
from Top Manufacturers


White Matte Privacy 

3M™ White Matte Translucent Film provides subtle privacy and enhances the aesthetics of the work environment.


3M™ Blackout Film helps provide excellent privacy, stopping all visibility.

One Way Mirror 

3M™ Mirror Film helps provide very high reflection giving you a mirror-like appearance.

Cost Effective Solutions

We offer hundreds of design choices from 3M and other top manufacturers in the film industry. These films are typically a fraction of the cost of full glass replacement.

Protection and Safety with 3M Security film

Anti Graffitti

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Hong Kong Case Study 

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Video Case Study: Las Vegas Museum

Other Case Studies 

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The right team for the right price. We get it done right the first time. 

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